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Lutifullahi International is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit Islamic organization. Islamic Society of Hyattsville manages and operates mosques at 3906 Thornwood RD Hyattsville MD.

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Ash-sheikh, Al-muqadam Muhammed Robiu Adebayo Abdul Malik, was born on the 2nd of April, 1936. He is a member of the Layaju family in the Isale-koto Area of Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State. The family is popular for his Islamic scholarship. He had his Quranic education in Ilorin under the tutelage of Sheikh Muhammed Sodium Labaaka. Thereafter, he learned the Arabic Language and Islamic jurisprudence in Sheikh Sambo’s School in Ilorin.  


Sheikh Robiu was brought, by his parents in 1948, to Lagos. He was enrolled with great scholars such as Sheikh Zakariyah, who was the Chief Imam of a Central Mosque in Ebutte-Metta, and the indefatigable Arabic Linguist Sheikh Ahmed Tijani (Many Many) who hailed from kishi in Oyo State  


Owing to his tireless efforts to be first among equals, Sheikh Robiu gained admission into the defunct Lebanese Arabic Teachers College (Daarul Mualimeen) in Yaba, Lagos where he graduated with distinction.  


Sheikh Robiu was initiated into Tijaniyah Suffi order by many Sheikhs amongst whom was the great Kalifah of Tijaniyah Suffi order in Yoruba Land a Sheikh, Alhaji Mohammadu-L-Awwal Bn Abdullahi Akinlagun (R.T.A). Sheikh Robiu is the right-hand man of the Khalifah. Both of them have been of immense benefit to the Islamic World.  


Sheikh Robiu Adebayo Abdul- Malik has traveled extensively to Arabic countries and western nations where he has been contributing to Islamic propagation. He at present has followers in America and many European countries like England.  


He is the proprietor of the government-approved Islamic and Arabic School, MAHDUL-IFTAI WA-N-NAJAAT Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies located at No 7, Alabi Owoyemi Street, Oworoshoki, Lagos.  The School is affiliated with Azihar University in Cairo: Many graduates of the school are presently furthering their education in Cairo. Saudi Arabia,  Syria, and Morocco.  


Sheikh Robiu gives a weekly lecture called Dawatul-Haqqi, which is covered by and aired on L.T.V 8, at 8:30 pm every Friday.  


Sheikh is a kind giver, sound mixer, and amiable person.  May Almighty Allah endow him with long life, more knowledge, and sound health (Amen). 


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